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.: What do they say about GS FAME?
Christasia Melinda Winandar
Lots of people have asked me the reason why I chose to have my higher education at GS FAME. My answer has always been simple. I chose this school because eventhough it is a small institution, it has a world-class quality.

The lecturers are highly qualified; smart, busy people who still have time to give individual attention to each of their students. They are always there to guide us and serve as mentors to their students.

The class activities are held in various ways, such as group discussions, company presentations, debates, case analyses and drama presentations. The extracurricular clubs give students opportunities to develop their soft skills and characters. Most importantly, the studying environment always made me feel at home.

GS FAME has played an important role in smoothing my transition from college life to the real career world as it has equipped me with skills and knowledge applicable to my present job.

GS FAME has also contributed a big share to my social life since I met some of my true and best friends there. That’s why whenever people asked me where I graduated from, I always proudly say that I am an alumnus of GS
Firdaus Salim
The reason why I enrolled in GS FAME is because it uses English as medium of instruction. During my studies, I actually gained more experiences and exposure than I had expected.

When I joined as one of the presenters in the marketing team, I was trained how to present before a group of people. Also when I participated in exhibitions, I got to meet different types of people and learned how to handle their questions. In both activities, I gained some insights of the real “marketing”.

GS FAME also conducts many seminars and workshops with well-known speakers, exposing students to the real business issues and allowing us to broaden our perspectives. Now that I am already part of the business community, I am able to see things from different points of view because of that exposure.

These all are supported by lecturers who are competent, committed and fully dedicated to their fields of specialization.

In today’s business environment, both theory and real-life experience are equally important. I am glad to have experienced both in GS FAME.

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The pride of GS FAME is in our graduates. They have good positions in companies of various sizes in Indonesia and overseas. Some of them have decided to be entrepreneurs either expanding their family business or venturing into new businesses on their own.

Most of our students have this entrepreneurial spirit which GS FAME helped nurture. This entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow as they enter into the real world of business.
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