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GS FAME Celebrates a Grateful Christmas
Thursday, December 21, 2017

The GS FAME Grateful Christmas Celebration with Paul Vincent (GS FAME) and Sacha (IBN) as Masters Ceremonies.

The GS FAME Institute of Business students together with the IBN Pulomas students celebrated Christmas together last Wednesday, 13 December 2017. The event started with warm greetings from the MCs of the event, Paul Vincent Leuterio and Sacha.

After the invocation led by Paul Vincent Leuterio, an ice-breaking game is facilitated by Elisha Widjaja (President of Fellowship Group) assisted by Jerry Mahbubani. The game is called the ‘Emoji Country or City Guessing Game’were the participants needs to guess the Country’s or City’s name based on the pictures shown on the slides.The game was participated by groups that are composed of both GS FAME and IBN students. Prizes (in form of beng-beng) were given for every correct answer and for the bonus round special prizes were given.

The GS FAME ‘I Got Talent’(Season 2) was conducted during the celebration wherein participants both from GS FAME and IBN showcased their talents in music. Rohan Shirodkar rendered his own piano version of a beautiful piece popularized by Alan Walker entitled ‘Faded.’ Michael Yap, as the second contestant, showed his talent by rendering his own version of the song by Delacey entitled ‘Dream it Possible.’ A band composed of GS FAME and IBN students (Febrina on vocals, Rohan on Keyboard, Radiva on Guitar and Fabio on Drums) showed their talents through their rendition of the song ‘Fall for You’ by the secondhand serenade. A Christian band (consists of Evan Aditya, Denielson, Evan and Clara Ayu) from IBN Cawang (PMK) also joined the competition with their rendition of an Indonesian Christian song entitled ‘Karena Kita’ Desti, the head of the IBN Pulomas Student Council showed her talent in playing the guitar and in singing (assisted by Paul Vincent in vocals and Fabio in drums) the song entitled ‘Payphone’ popularized by the Maroon 5 and as the last performer, Febrina showed her singing skill thru her solo performance of a popular song by Adele, that is ‘Someone Like You.”

While the scores given by the jury consists of Dr. M. F. Christiningrum, Ms. Carolyn Sunaryo, Mr. Ronaldo Rada, Ms. Megah Ria, Mr. Christopher Cura and Ms. Kurnia Fitriani. A ‘Song Game’ was conducted which is composed of ‘Guess the Song’ and ‘Missing Lyrics’ game was conducted afterwards. Prizes were once again distributed.

Participants were asked to write the things that they are grateful for this coming Christmas on a piece of note shaped like a Christmas Tree and they hanged their ‘grateful notes’ on the Christmas branches situated at the four corners of the hall.

After the scores are tallied, the MCs of the event, Paul Vincent and Sacha, announced the winners of this year’s ‘I Got Talent.’ Desti got the third place, while the IBN (PMK) Cawang Band got the second prize, and the ‘Superstars’ band were announced as the champions of the competition’s Season 2.

An exchanging of Christmas gifts was conducted in the last part of the celebration. Everyone were excited on opening the gifts they got and happily showed it to their friends.

The celebration was organized by the GS FAME Fellowship Group led by Elisha Widjaja and through the support of the GS FAME Student Council and IBN Pulomas Student Council.The event strengthens the bond among students and filled the campus with love, joy, peace and of course gratefulness.

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