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GS FAME Celebrates Cultural Diversity
Monday, February 06, 2017

Students of Nationhood and Character Building Class with their Lecturer

"Indonesia is a great nation and rich in art and culture. Indonesiaís diversity should not be seen as a source of conflict but as a uniting force to build our country into a developed one.

To love Indonesia means to love our motherland filled with people who speak different languages from various ethnic, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. The nationhood of Indonesia within us is not limited by distance, space, and time, however, we should remember that we are all part of this nation, and this nation is an identity which canít be separated from each one of us. To love Indonesia means to love this nation by developing good character within us to make this country more secure, peaceful and prosperous.

Let us love our nation and motherland because here God has placed us to be a blessing for all society and environment wherever we are."

Reflection read by Ms. Maria Victoria Juanita Setiawan, MA, Nationhood & Character Building Lecturer, after her students presented their diverse cultures through songs, dances, poems, and food on February 3, 2017,
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