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.: GS FAME in Brief

GS FAME Institute of Business is one of the pioneering educational institutions of higher learning in providing international education in Indonesia. Its founders led by Mr. Dasuki Angkosubroto already could see at that time of its establishment in 1986 through the Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu YLPGS (Gunung Sewu Foundation for the Advancement of Economics and Management) that companies in Indonesia would be needing men and women who would be competent in managing organizations in Indonesia and overseas.

Mr. Hartadi Angkosubroto, Chairman of Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu with The Honorable Shulan O. Primavera, Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia.
Also, through the YLPGS, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) Nusantara (Nusantara School of Economics/Business) was established in 1991 and started offering Sarjana Ekonomi (Bachelor of Economics) degree and then Magister Manajemen (Master in Management) degree in 1993.
Effective December 31, 2008, STIE Nusantara became Institut Bisnis Nusantara (IBN) (Nusantara Institute of Business) offering the following Bachelor Degree courses with the corresponding field of specialization: Accountancy; Management (Business; Banking and Finance; Marketing; Communications; Human Resource; and Investment and Stock Market). Communications Studies (Broadcasting and Marketing Communications); Computer Studies (Information System and Computer Science); and Foreign Language Studies (English for Business).

It has the following major field of specialization for its Master in Management degree: International Marketing Management; International Finance Management; and General Management. It also offers Diploma in Computer Accounting; Finance Accounting; Marketing Management; and Business Management.

Indonesia, being one of the big emerging markets (BEM), needs to have a large human resource base composed of men and women who are entrepreneurial, dynamic, ethical, and responsive to changes. GS FAME Institute of Business has to respond to this challenge by providing quality business education and good training in Accounting, Banking & Finance, Marketing, Business Management, and International Business. This training is to develop individuals to be more knowledgeable, structured and skilful in their managerial ability. It is also designed to produce managers who are competent, able to perform their duties with excellence; managers who could at an early stage discern changes, development and turbulence in the outside world in a wide spectrum and are able to balance these with the strengths their companies possess.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) offered by GS FAME Institute of Business is designed for Indonesian as well as foreign high school graduates who desire to become professionals in the field of business.

President Jose F. Peralta - PSBA and Mr. Jeffry P. Karlim - Secretary of Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu in PSBA, Manila, Philippines.

On the left Picture : Mr. Jeffry P. Karlim - Secretary of Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu and Mr. Doug Davies - the University of Canberra.

On the right picture : Mr. Zhang Peng, Vice President of Guangxi Normal University with Mr. Jeffry P. Karlim, Secretary of Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu after the signing of MOU.

On the right picture : Picture shows ADMU President Jose Ramon T Villarin, SJ and Mr. Jeffry P. Karlim, Secretary of Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Gunung Sewu during the signing of the MOA.

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