"Open Admission for Intake July, 2019"
.: Programs of GS FAME Institute of Business

GS FAME Institute of Business offers students various programs in business catering to their different needs. Some students would like to complete an international undergraduate degree in Jakarta, without going abroad. For these students GS FAME provides a Full Program in affiliation with Philippine School of Business Administration in the Philippines.

Others would like to experience studying and living abroad while completing their undergraduate business degree. To meet this demand GS FAME has designed a Twinning Program in cooperation with University of Canberra, Australia. After completing all the requirements for the Full or Twinning Programs, students will get both Bachelor and SE degrees.

Figure 1. PSBA and UC Programs

While others would prefer to stay abroad only for a short period of time to be exposed to a different culture without leaving school. To provide this opportunity to students GS FAME offers a Sandwich Program in cooperation with Guangxi Normal University, China.

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