About Us


GS FAME Institute of Business

GS FAME Institute of Business is an educational institution of higher learning established by Lembaga Pusat Nusantara Foundation for the Advancement of Management and Economics on May 1, 1986. The aim of the Foundation is to provide quality business education to young people ready to lead ethically in a globalized workplace. GS FAME belongs to and operate under Duta Anggada Group. GS FAME also has cooperation with universities abroad which further strengthens its commitment in providing students with different study options at affordable fees.

GS FAME Institute of Business has cooperation with the Philippine School of Business Administration (Philippines), University of Canberra (Australia), Guangxi Normal University (China), Myongji University (Korea), University of the Philippine (Philippines), and Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines). GS FAME alumni have proven to be successful just a few years after graduation. They occupy good positions abroad and in multinational companies in Indonesia.


A partner of business and industry towards national development.


A leading educational institution oriented towards the development and application of knowledge that is globally competitive through moral and professional harnessing of human resources as well as utilization of modern technology contributory to national development.


Once the science of knowledge is pursued, learning spirit is never surrendered.

Partner Universities

Philippine School of Business Administration

GS FAME has secured cooperation with the Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA) Manila since 1986, recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Republic of the Philippines. It is a 3-year program, to be completed in Jakarta. PSBA is privately-owned institution of higher learning conducting instructional programs exclusively in business education. As a CPA review school, it is one of the biggest in the Philippines and from the beginning of its operations, the reviewees have been leading the list of successful candidates in every CPA examination. PSBA is one of TOP 10 Accounting Colleges in the Philippines. Our graduates now work in the biggest accounting firms both national and international.

University of Canberra

The University of Canberra (UC) in Australi’s Capital University with the high academic standards. It is located in Australia’s national capital, home to its Commonwealth government, the diplomatic community and international corporations. UC is a diverse community of 12,000 students on-campus including 2,500 international students from over 100 countries. UC offers state of the art courses that professionally prepare students to be successful in their carrers. Under this program, students take five semesters in Jakarta and three semesters in UC. This program will enable students to obtain an Australian degree by staying in Canberra for a shorter time, so they can save costs on living allowance and tuition fee.

Guangxi Normal University

Guangxi Normal University was founded in 1932 and is one of the key universities in China. The university is the centrefor Training Chinese Languange and International Exchanges of Culture and Eduation. It has International Exchange Programs with over 36 countries. Guangxi Normal University has a diverse student population of about 40,000 students. This program enables students to be exposed to the Chinese culture and the way of life. And at the same time, they can learn how business is conducted in China. This opportunity will give students an understanding of how businesses are conducted in an international setting.