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Why study at GS FAME ?

3 Years Program
The tertiary education in Indonesia generally requires a 4-year course to get a Bachelor’s degree. But in GS FAME, we offer a 3-year college program, so you could graduate faster and begin your future career earlier.

Full English Medium of Instruction
English is a global language and it is widely used in various aspects of our global economy. In GS FAME, students are encouraged to hone their English skills through classroom lectures and discussions. In the campus, the students are also encouraged to communicate among themselves in English.

International Double Degree
After taking a 3-year course, you will graduate and get two (2) degrees, namely Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Sarjana Ekonomi (SE). With these two undergraduate degrees, you will have better opportunity of getting employed within Indonesia and abroad. Having a double degree will also help you take a master’s degree both in Indonesia and abroad.

Faculty of Business:
– Accounting
– Banking & Finance
– Marketing
– International Business
– Business Management

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