Alvina Bernice Salim

(Accounting Major, 2016)

Universal School

“I’m glad that I chose GS FAME. The education here is on par with international standards. Not only are the lecturers knowledgeable in their fields, but they also make the classes fun and interactive. I have improved my organizational skills too by joining the student council. Overall, GS FAME is a great learning institution with a friendly environment.”


Richard Wang

(Accounting Major, 2016)

Kairos Gracia Christian School

“Studying in GS FAME is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. GS FAME has taught me both the soft skills and hard skills I need to be competitive in the future. Not only for the skills, I also experience many unforgettable moments in taking part in the GS FAME Student Council clubs and committees. Thank you GS FAME for transforming my life!”



(Banking & Finance Major, 2016

IPEKA Sunter Christian School

“The double degree program that GS FAME offers and the excellent international standard of teaching really give me an amazing learning experience. The subjects being taught are really important and can be applied  to the real business world. I enjoy the campus life in GS FAME with my caring lecturers and wonderful friends from different countries and cultures.”


Elisha Widjaja

(Business Management Major, 2015)

Penabur Secondary Tanjung Duren

“I am very thankful to the GS FAME lecturers because they are not only knowledgeable, but also teach us valuable lessons in life. I am also thankful that I have numerous wonderful experiences in studying with my friends. The seniors give out great tips in learning the subjects for me to improve my studies.”


Nicholas Jonathan

(Banking & Finance Major, 2015)

Permai High School

“The friendly atmosphere inside the campus and the independence that you might not get in a school environment is what I like best about GS FAME. The quality of the teaching is outstanding; lecturers are always available to offer extra support and encourage you to excel. GS FAME also has a valuable web portal to find library books and to check my academic performance anytime.”



(Accounting Major, 2015)

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) - Singapore

“Studying in GS FAME has been a rewarding experience for me as it has developed me into a well-rounded person. The lecturers here teaches in a fun and engaging way, making us look forward for the next class! GS FAME provides me with great opportunities in having leadership roles in the Student Council. Also, I meet friends from various backgrounds and forged relationships that are going to be lifelong. Thank you GS FAME for this wonderful experience.”


Paul Vincent Van

(Business Management Major, 2013)

Morning Star Academy

“GS FAME is not just a place to study the fundamentals of business, it is a place for students to interact with friends. Being a foreign student, I get to meet new friends, learn various cultures, and enjoy some foreign delicacies. In addition, the lecturers in GS FAME are from the Philippines, making me feel more like I’m in my home country.”


Gabriel Racquel Brown

(Banking & Finance Major, 2016)

Mahatma Gading School

“At first, the double degree program that GS FAME offers was the reason why I enrolled. And I don’t regret my decision at all, as I learned a lot about business from the lecturers who mastered their respective field and they also never hestitate in sharing their experiences with the students. In GS FAME, I have also met some of the most amazing people and they are now my friends. Enrolling in GS FAME is one of the best decisions I have made.”


Simon Ebel Maris Phoek

(International Business Major, 2016)

SMA Yoanes XXIII - Merauke

“GS FAME has taught me many things in managing every aspect of business. The professional lecturers give me amazing learning experience. Moreover, the double degree course provides me great advantage in the future. I also love the campus life here and I am very happy for every amazing people I get to meet here in GS FAME.”