“I joined GS FAME in 2014 when I decided to expand my knowledge  on business studies. The experience and knowledge that I have gained from GS FAME is priceless. The lecturers and staff are responsive, patient and are very helpful. The course has prepared me for the reality of business, to find a good job and to have relevant knowledge in business. All credit goes to  my alma mater, which has helped me in my career now.”


Kirti Samtani
Director, Reshma Tuition Centre
(GS FAME Alumna 2017, BSBA Major in Banking & Finance)

GS FAME prepares its students in both technical and non-technical aspects of business, i.e. leadership and communication skills, to be competitive in the fast-paced and dynamic work environment. The learning experience that I have gained during my study at GS FAME through comprehensive learning methodology and extensive English communication has been very crucial for my skill enhancement and is very important in improving my career.


Ang Willy Riswanto
Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Indonesia
(GS FAME Alumnus 2009, BSBA – Major in Accounting)

“I joined GS FAME in 2010 as I was interested to take their twinning program with University of Canberra (UC). During my first 1.5 years with GS FAME, I learned various things about finance, business, and management. Not only was the course useful in an academic way but it also made me more fluent and confident in speaking English as the whole learning process was taught in English.”


Vanesha Arini
Financial Paraplanner, Bridgewood Private Wealth (Melbourne, Australia)
(GS FAME Alumna 2013, B. Com – Major in Banking & Finance)

“First of all, I would like to say thank you GS FAME for the wonderful experience. The lecturers are friendly and I had great classmates from different cultural backgrounds.The study program provides course material in a very comprehensive manner touching on all the relevant topics, with real-life examples. The skills that I have learnt helped me to get where I am today. The opportunity that was given to me to be part of the Student Council shaped my leadership roles to the next level. With all the support, I’ve grown to feel as if the world is ripe with opportunities, and I have the skills to pluck them.”


Jagpawan Singh Dhillon
General Manager / Franchisee, Croissant Express (Perth, Australia)
(GS FAME Alumnus 2013, BSBA Major in International Business)

GS FAME provided me with a lot of opportunities to develop my leadership, social and analytical skills through its interactive classroom activities. Regular seminars and workshops were also conducted which allowed me to gain expert knowledge and be inspired. Being part of the GS FAME Student Council was perhaps the most exciting and challenging experience for me. Not only was it fun, but it also taught me the significance of communication and teamwork, which are skills I apply till now in my professional career.


Diksha ‘Dimple’ Hiranandani
Secondary Administration Assistant, Tzu Chi Secondary School
(GS FAME Alumna 2011, BSBA – Major in Marketing and International Business)

“GS FAME gave me opportunities to develop my analytical skills, leadership and interpersonal skills. These are the key attributes for me to have a good career path.”


James Firdaus Resman
Vice President of Finance, PT Tokopedia
(GS FAME Alumnus 2003, BSBA – Major in Accounting)

“I am very fortunate to have chosen GS FAME for my bachelor’s degree because in GS FAME, the lecturers were not just teachers, but they are more like friends to the students. Even outside the classroom, they would happily help and answer any questions we had, and I am indeed thankful to them. GS FAME was like my second home where I learned business management concepts that I am now applying at my current work.”


Karan Uttamchandani
Company Director, PT Spectrum Film
(GS FAME Alumnus 2014, BSBA  Major in General Management)

“I learned a lot from GS FAME. In GS FAME you can learn a lot about the basic things in marketing, You can also learn how to build a business and all other knowledge that you will need in order to build your business and your future. So, I think GS FAME will be the right choice for university if you want to learn about business.“


Managing Director, PT Cipta Cemerlang Perkasa
(GS FAME Alumnus 2002, BSBA – Major in Marketing and Management)

We were challenged to think ‘outside the box’ but at the same time, strengthening our knowledge in the fundamentals of business practices. GS FAME has made me become what I am today.“ 


Sendy Soeriaatmadja
Vice President – Trading & Supply, PT Shell Indonesia
Owner alex[a]lexa and SOE Jakarta
(GS FAME Alumnus 1999, BSBA – Major in Marketing)

I am very blessed with the experience I’ve had in GS FAME. All the lecturers are very humble, encouraging us to work on our English during our classes and even outside the classrooms. As a result, I have no trouble at all giving presentations or conversing in English with either my overseas colleagues or expatriates. The soft skills such as making better CV or the know-how to appeal to the companies that are currently hiring, I believe, would not be granted in any other university. Hosting and joining events in GS FAME such as debates, business plan competition, etc. has empowered me to work in a team and communicate effectively with others and  it is proven very useful throughout the course of my career.


Viggo Christianto
Senior Accounting & Tax Manager, PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk.
(GS FAME Alumnus 2009, BSBA  Major in Accounting)