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GS FAME Students Visited PT. Sinar Sosro

Thursday, February 07, 2019

The GS FAME students and lecturers visited the first bottled tea manufacturer in Indonesia – PT. Sinar Sosro – that is famous for its best seller: Tehbotol Sosro. The factory is located at Cakung, Bekasi and the tour started after lunch.

The participants were welcomed by Ms. Putri, the PR officer-in-charge of the Study Tour and were given unlimited welcome drinks of various choices: Tehbotol, Tebs, Fruit Tea, S-Tee and Prim-a drinking water. The tour participants were given to chance to see a video presentation from Sosro explaining the history of how it started as a small company until it became one of the most successful Indonesian companies in the beverage industry. The video also explained the process of how Tehbotol is manufactured, bottled, and packaged.

Everyone was given the chance to tour around the production line of the company and to ask questions after the tour. The questions were clearly answered by Ms. Putri and by the Marketing Manager of the company. The participants left the venue with more understanding of how PT. Sinar Sosro operates and its strategy in being successful.

The industrial visit was organized by the GS FAME Management & Marketing and English & Book Clubs as supported by the GS FAME Student Council.