You are currently viewing GS FAME Webinar : “Smart Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs & Startups”

GS FAME Webinar : “Smart Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs & Startups”

GS FAME held its 5th webinar series entitled “Smart Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs & Startups” hosted by Sanny, BSBA, SE, CFP (Agency Director of PT Prudential Life Assurance). She is also a GS FAME alumna since 2008, BSBA majoring in Accounting. Sanny shared her experience and knowledge on financial planning and how to make the right financial strategy in starting and managing a business. Sanny also emphasized that the knowledge she gained while studying business at GS FAME really helped her in understanding the importance of financial planning and management.

This webinar was attended by around 170 participants consisting of high school students, university students, and the general public from various provinces of Indonesia. Everyone actively participated during the webinar and many asked questions. One interesting query asked by participants is about how to refrain being easily tempted by promotional offers from various brands being sold on most online shops, on which Sanny answered that one way to do such is by not having too many online shop applications installed on our smartphones. In addition, Sanny advised everyone to be wise in using credit cards and she explained that it is important to start the habit of saving from now on, even starting from the smallest amount of money, the most important thing is to do it consistently.

Thank you @sannycfp for inspiring us and thank you to the participants for joining, may you begin to practice the concepts learned from the webinar and be financially successful in the future. Join our future webinars and see you next time!