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GS FAME Students’ Outing to Lembang and Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java

The GS FAME Student Council organized an outing to Lembang and Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java. GS FAME Students and some lecturers joined the 3-day event from February 14 until 16, 2023. The outing aims to improve the camaraderie among students and at the same time for students to unwind after a hectic semester. The event is the first outdoor gathering of students after the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the first day of the event, after having their lunch, all the participants joined in a Paintball competition located near the Villa inPangalenganwhere they stayed for the first and second day of the event. The students enjoyed the paint ball competition as the try to fire paintballs at their opponents, hitting them without being hit themselves, and eliminating the other team from the game.

After the competitive paintball, everyone joined the exhilarating rafting at Situ Ciluenca, Pangalengan. The students enjoyed the rafting experience despite the rain. After rafting, everyone returned back to the Villa to take shower and had their dinner afterwards. Before the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the barbeque and bonfire.

On the second day, everyone woke up early to and went to Taman Langit for everyone to witness the sunrise and for sightseeing. The students took their time enjoying the high altitude view and took photos of the beautiful sights. After their Taman Langit adventure, everyone went back to the Villa and after breakfast, everyone took the Flying Fox challenge as they cross the Ciluenca Lake. They indeed enjoyed the flying fox shouting as they crossed to the other side of the river. Everyone checked out of the Villa and went to Farm House in Lembang where they explored the place, they interacted, played, and fed some cute and exotic animals. The participants had their dinner at the Laksana Restaurant and headed to d’Journey Hotel for their evening rest.

On the last day, after their breakfast in the hotel, everyone went to the newest attraction in Lembang, Bandung – The Great Asia Africa theme park. Everyone explored the replica villages of Thailand, Korea, India, Japan and Africa. They also enjoyed the food and souvenirs from different countries in Asia and Africa. The group stopped over to some shops in Lembang to buy ‘oleh-oleh’ for their loved ones as they return back to Jakarta.

The 3-day Outing of the GS FAME students for the year 2023 was made possible by the GS FAME Student Council for the Academic Year 2022-2023, headed by the President, Louis Felixius through the support of Arcelly Mitchell, the Vice President and with VennaLiandaChitawan, as the Secretary.

Thank you to all the Student Council officers and members for making this year’s outing a success!