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Virtual Exchange Lecture at UP Baguio

Last Friday, 22 April 2022, Dr. M. F. Christiningrum, Institut Bisnis Nusantara (IBN) Rector virtually presented the Part 1 her academic research entitled “Effect of Diversification Strategy, Leverage and IOS on Multi-Segment Corporate Performance in Indonesia” as she served as an exchange lecturer to the Master of Management (MM) students at University of the Philippines Baguio (UP Baguio). The event was also attended by the Magister Manajemen (MM) students and lecturers of IBN.

Dr. Christiningrum discussed the results of her research that is based on more than 100 publicly-listed companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and her findings regarding highly-diversified multi-segment companies in Indonesia were remarkable and the attendees from the Philippines asked questions and participated actively during the online exchange lecture.

This virtual exchange lecture event is part of the academic cooperation between UP Baguio and IBN together with GS FAME Institute of Business.