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COVID-19 Community Help Fund

The GS FAME Alumni Association initiated a Covid-19 Help Fund Campaign during which the GS FAME alumni, both officers and members, donated cash for buying lunch packs from small food warungs (UKM) surrounding the GS FAME Pulomas Campus. The lunch packs will be given to needy people nearby.

The distribution of lunch packs was conducted for eight (8) consecutive days, the last day of giving the free lunch packs was done yesterday, 4 November 2021. On each day, 100 pieces of lunch packs were bought from various food warungs and were distributed to people who are in need during this pandemic – destitute families near the warungs, online motor taxi drivers, street sweepers, garbage collectors and anyone who can’t afford to buy lunch for the day. The Covid-19 Help Campaign aims to ease the burden of those who are heavily affected by the pandemic, and at the same time, to provide additional income for small food warungs (UKM).

Thank you very much to our Alumni Association and kudos to your efforts in helping others during the Covid-19 pandemic and in making a difference by lifting-up the lives of those who are in distress.