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Virtual Alumni Sharing Session

Friday, 14 January 2022 – GS FAME Students were inspired and motivated by Mr. Haril Christian via virtual Alumni Sharing Session entitled ‘Name Your Price!’ Haril, who is a GS FAME 2009 BSBA alumnus major in Accounting and Marketing, shared his thoughts on how students could escape the ‘Millennial Traps’ that could possibly hinders them to get better opportunities in the future. He emphasized the importance of having clear understanding of a person’s ‘value’ and modifying one’s values that may hinder his or her full potentials.

Haril also emphasized the importance of Respect, Integrity and Humility to the participants through sharing some experience he had as a Branch Manager of Bank Central Asia (BCA). Currently, the speaker is the Branch Manager of of BCA Taman Permata Indah 2 branch.