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GS FAME Digital Accounting Seminar

Monday, April 29, 2019

GS FAME and IBN students participated in a Digital Accounting Seminar entitled “Impact of Digitalization in Accounting.” The seminar was facilitated by Ultima Tekno Solusindo  that is the provider of Accurate Accounting Software – the popular Indonesian accounting software.

Ms. Venny Lilyana, an Accounting Software Specialist, as the resource speaker. Ms. Venny explained the impact of Industry 4.0 in today’s business settings and she emphasized on its impact to the accountants or even business owners and managers. Ms. Venny also gave the participants a hands-on exercise on how to use their latest Mobile Accounting App – the Accurate Lite that is available on the Play Store for Android smart phones. The participants were able to process transactions provided in their exercise sheets and they have started to appreciate the concepts and the convenience of using the application for micro or small businesses.

Mr. Rinaldi Pramudito, Director of Ultima Tekno Solusindo, also joined the event and he gave his insights on the importance of an integrated accounting software even to the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). He told the participants that there are many aspects in business that is shown thru proper accounting information and that everyone should be prepared to invest in having these important information thru using a very reliable Accounting Software. Goody bags are given by Ultima Tekno Solusindo to the participants of the event.

The event was organized by the GS FAME Accounting and Finance Club. GS FAME would like to extend its gratitude to Mr. Rinaldi, Ms. Venny, Ultima Tekno Solusindo and to the Accurate Accounting Software.